Els anglesos apreten fort en ciència

ImageGràcies a Chemistry World he vist com està en la pràctica la nova iniciativa del EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council). Segons Chemistru World,

The UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has selected 44 new centres to share a £250 million injection into postgraduate science education.

The doctoral training centres (DTCs), based at universities across the country, will provide 2000 extra science and engineering PhDs over the next five years.

The DTC will focus on what science minister Paul Drayson believes are the ‘some of the biggest problems facing Britain’, such as climate change and energy. The courses will aim to teach students the ability to work more effectively with scientists from a wider range of disciplines.

S’han seleccionat 44 centres a Anglaterra per incrementar el número de doctorats en enginyeria i ciències físiques, tot plegat en un pla a 5 anys.

Les àreees en què treballa l’EPSRC són:

Research programmes:
Cross-disciplinary interfaces
Information and communications technology
Materials, mechanical and medical engineering
Mathematical sciences
Physical sciences
Process, environment and sustainability
Public engagement
Research infrastructure and international

Business Innovation

Mission programmes:
Digital economy
Nanoscience through engineering to application
Towards next-generation healthcare

Towards better exploitation:
User-led knowledge and skills, user-led research

Per a cada programa hi ha una explicació detallaada. Un programa interessant.

Només per curiositat, el programa Public Engagement, que no em sembla pas gaire extrordinari ni innovador, consisteix en

The programme includes:
Making sure that EPSRC’s thinking is informed by public attitudes and views, and societal implications.

Enthusing young people about the creative process, issues, aspirations and outcomes of research.

Enabling researchers to participate in effective engagement with the public, and to consider societal implications and public attitudes in the conduct and use of research.

Informing the public about developments, achievements and impact of EPSRC-funded research to build awareness of research and account for our investment.

Activities in 2008-09

We will:
Develop EPSRC staff training in societal and ethical issues, so they are better equipped to include them in portfolio development.

Investigate provision of societal and ethical training in the engineering and physical sciences research base (including undergraduate level) and fund a course for research fellows.

Evaluate and re-develop public engagement funding for EPSRC researchers.
Support the implementation of the Research Councils UK Science in Society strategy, making sure that engineering and physical sciences research and researchers are included where appropriate.

Enthuse young people about science and engineering through two national programmes to start in 2008 (under non-disclosure agreements pre-launch).

Issue calls for Partnerships for Public Engagement Awards (April and October).

Issue a call for Senior Media Fellows (November).

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