Nou rànking d’universitats del THE

Acaba de sortir (ho he vist gràcies al post de l’Enric Canela) el nou rànking d’universitats del Times Higher Educations, que ja no es fa amb QS, sinó amb Thomson Reuters: World University Rankings 2010-2011. A les 200 primeres universitats del món hi ha la UB i la UPF.

Segons el web del THE,

Although 2010-11 is the seventh year that Times Higher Education has published its annual rankings, these tables represent a new level of sophistication. In light of this, the top 200 list and the six subject tables we are publishing should be considered the first of a new annual series, for we have completely overhauled the methodology to deliver our most rigorous, transparent and reliable rankings tables ever. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2010-11 were developed in concert with our new rankings data provider, Thomson Reuters, with input from more than 50 leading figures in the sector from 15 countries across every continent, and through 10 months of extensive consultation. We believe we have created the gold standard in international university performance comparisons.

I pel que fa a ls indicadors,

Our rankings of the top universities across the globe employ 13 separate performance indicators designed to capture the full range of university activities, from teaching to research to knowledge transfer. These 13 elements are brought together into five headline categories, which are:

Teaching — the learning environment (worth 30 per cent of the overall ranking score)
Research — volume, income and reputation (worth 30 per cent)
Citations — research influence (worth 32.5 per cent)
Industry income — innovation (worth 2.5 per cent)
International mix — staff and students (worth 5 per cent).

Es tracta d’un bon rànking!

(Nota: aquesta entrada és feta realment l’agost de 2011 i està ubicada en el timeline a efectes de repositori documental de rànkings).