Més exemples de bones pràctiques en xarxes socials a les universitats americanes


Fa alguns dies comentava un post on hi ha una relació de bons webs d’universitats americanes en relació a l’ús de xarxes socials. Ara n’he vist un altre, d’USA Today College, titulat 20 colleges making good use of social media.:

Though every university seems to have a Facebook page, Twitter account and You Tube channel, there are an exceptional few colleges who have truly done great things in social media, becoming influencers and brainstormers online. Students and fans alike can interact with college professors, athletics, and admissions on social media outlets, and these 20 colleges are doing it in a really interesting way.

Com que hi ha 20 exemples (i algun d’addicional), cal escollir-ne algun: m’ha semblant interessant la reflexió de Syracuse University sobre l’ús de les xarxes socials per part del seu Social Media Strategist:

Although our progress may have been visible to all, the arrangement that made this possible may not have been known by most. Rather than contract with an external firm to handle social media, Syracuse University made a unique decision to form an “in-sourcing” partnership with the School of Information Studies, where I am a faculty member teaching social media. This partnership created my role as strategist, along with Kelly Lux, our community manager, and a small group of talented students from the iSchool and other programs across campus.

The partnership officially launched in February 2010, and we went to work developing a social media strategy designed to engage our key audiences – current students, alumni and prospective students. In my view, the key to reaching all of these groups was to reflect the full SU campus experience online (not just campus news, but interaction and conversation focused on what was happening right now). Our plan was to enhance the experience of students currently attending Syracuse, while allowing alumni to remain connected with campus and prospective students to get a glimpse of the diverse community they might join.

És a dir, l’estratègia la porta un professor dels Estudis d’Informació. També tenen un community manager, i varis estudiants de l’Escola que acull aquests estudis, la iSchool. No pas gaire diferent del que fem a la Universitat de Girona. Les seves audiències clau són els estudiants actuals, els exestudiants i els futurs estudiants, i no només donen notícies del campus, sinó també interactuen i converses sobre l’actualitat.

Ara però sembla que la Universitat de Syracuse transferirà la gestió de les xarxes socials a un equip profesional centralitzat. Ja veurem com funciona, perquè com diu el professor de la iSchool,

Our strategy has always been to talk to people.

ImageRelacionat amb l’ús de les xarxes socials, USA Today College té una infografia sobre com els professors fan servir els mitjans i canals socials, especialment en l’apartat de docència – How social media is playing a bigger role in college education.

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