Per què en l’era de twitter té sentit mantenir un blog?

He vist a Social Media Today un post titulat The State of the Blogosphere 2011 sobre una enquesta de Technorati sobre blogging i blocaires. És interessant veure que

The 2011 reports finds that the vast majority of bloggers have been doing it for over two years and close to half for over four years. Many bloggers have more than one. I have a number of blog sand this one is the oldest, starting in May 2004. In terms of frequency, the report states that bloggers across the board will publish two-to-three posts per week. However, a notable percentage of professional, corporate, and entrepreneurial bloggers post once or twice per day. I advise company that they should publish two to three posts a week. In my case I have doing a post a day since 2005. Most respondents to the survey note that blogging has proven to be valuable for promoting their business or professional standing.

It was interesting to me to find that as many as 40% of today’s professional and 35% of corporate bloggers once worked as a writer, reporter, producer, etc. in traditional media. I was a frequent writer for publication as an academic and then as a businessman in industry publications. I wonder if that qualifies?

Però encara és més interessant

Over the years, blogs have formed the foundation of social media, democratizing the ability to publish thoughtful commentary, build a noteworthy community and equalize influence along the way.”

Twitter offers the sound bytes and blogs can go into depth. Many of the most useful tweets contain links to blogs and other content that goes into more depth. If you are tweeting but not blogging then you are mostly pointing readers to other people’s idea. Most bloggers also tweet but many tweeters do not blog.

Ho comparteixo: tenir un blog (o sistema de notícies) és una cosa fonamental: la font primària d’informació. Piular-la, compartir-la, etc… és una font secundàra. El blog o sistema de notícies propi (una de les característiques d’una universitat, per cert – la creació de coneixement!) és una de les bases d’una societat ben informada, és a dir, democràtica.

I ho deixa clar: la majoria de blocaires piula, però pocs piuladors són blocaires.

I una reflexió: per què en l’era de twitter cal mantenir un blog? La resposta, en tot plegat doncs.