De Moodle a MOOC… i tiro perquè em toca!


Fa dies que estem impartint amb la @silviasimonr un curs per a l’ICE de la UB anomenat “23 claus per muntar un MOOC, perquè tingui èxit i per gaudir-ne. Veig ara que hi ha MOOCs dedicats a ensenyar a fer anar el Moodle, o sigui al revés del nostre cas, en què fem servir Moodle per ensenyar a muntar MOOCs: és un curs per aprendre a fer anar el Moodle.

Unlike the traditional MOOCs that stress content and course delivery, Moodle MOOC will focus on active learning, reflection, sharing, and collaboration. The aim of the course is for the participants to learn through meaningful connections and social interactions. Participants who wish to receive a certificate of participation will be required to document their learning experiences by keeping a blog, wiki, website, or any other artifact that will include a description and reflection of the live sessions and/or recordings.

Un altre és Tal com es diu a, a lot of people are unaware of the potential of Moodle and have told us they would appreciate a shorter and more synchronised introduction where they still get to try everythingout.

This is one of the main reasons we are running “Learn Moodle” as a more structured MOOC – to show teachers what Moodle is and the depth that it has, and to help them understand how our activities feel from a student perspective, in a way that they can apply in their own Moodle courses (whether in the free practice sandbox courses we provide here or on their own sites).

En definitiva . aprendre moocs i moodle a la vegada!