Els perills de la Uberificació de la Universitat


Ben interessant és l’article d’Inside Higher Education que David Theo Goldberg, professor de la Universitat de California, Irvine, escriu tot comparant el fenomen d’Uber amb els canvis a les universitats d’arreu del món. Hi he vist trets del que passa a les nostres universitats més properes, i per això em sembla rellevant comentar breument aquesta publicació. L’article es diu Coming to You Soon: Uber U:

In higher education, we are increasingly facing the distinct possibility of a faceless future, teacherless courses, online everything

Sobre l’aprenentatge i el coneixement…

Students as consumers have fueled the move to personal-interest learning — more often than not a function of perceived marketability — at the cost of a common body of knowledge. That is not to deny that both are important, but the former is eclipsing the latter with growing alacrity.

Tal com passa aquí, les tasques del professorat són cada cop més aviat les d’un emprenedor (un autònom, és a dir):

In this shifting landscape, entrepreneurialism has tended to outrun critical pushback from faculty and students. Consultancy work, spin-off start-ups, corporate ventures and the pursuit of outside grants are emerging as the main means of supporting and supplementing academic work, costs, even salaries.

Com creu l’autor que ha de ser una Universitat? Doncs

Universities are not principally service providers. In addition to training grounds in a given field, they provide the foundations for thinking, both instrumentally and critically, for how to read and write, and for civic engagement. In addition, for many people, they still offer a gateway to adulthood as well as reasoned citizenship.

I finalment…

The immediate future for academe is one of the growing robotification of basic skills and service delivery and smart algorithms autogenerating their own code. The pressures to downsize the human interface of learning, to limit faculty determination of what and how things are valuable to be learned, and to discount critical knowledge and thinking capacity in every sense of the term will only intensify.

Uber has announced its plan to develop and purchase driverless cars, so it is now joining the roboticizing of the workforce. In higher education, we are increasingly facing the distinct possibility of a faceless future, teacherless courses, online everything. We should confront this intensifying prospect of Uber U with eyes wide-open, counter clickers firmly in hand.

Recomano la lectura de tot l’article, perquè hi ha reflexions interessants.