L’experiència positiva d’un químic que va descobrir twitter

A Chemistry World hi ha una història d’un químic (Matthew Kitching, Durham Univ, UK) que es va introduir tard al món de twitter. Inicialment no li va trobar cap gràcies, però després d’uns mesos va començar a descobrir-hi gent interessant. Es tracta de Doctor tweet love – Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Twitter

Passat un temps, twitter se li ha convertit en una eina molt rellevant:

I started sharing my thoughts more freely. I commented on people’s tweets. I shared my personal life as well as my professional activities. And my experience totally changed. At conferences and meetings, people started chatting with me because we’d exchanged tweets. Social media has led to new collaborations and new friends. It’s made me more accessible to my students – both current and from the past. And it’s helped me feel like I’m part of a conversation, not just about science but all the things that are important to me.

I still tweet about the science I do – and Twitter helps me keep up with the work of my friends and scientists who work in my area. My news feed is like my own personal table of contents, spread across all journals and interspersed with commentary from scientists and friends whose opinions I respect. Twitter has become the main source I use to keep up with the current literature, and also my main source of comic science-related GIFs.

Kitching afirma al final d’aquest article de Chemistry World que fer servir twitter el fa sentir connectat, el fa parlar amb gent d’arreu del món:

It really doesn’t matter how late I’m up: someone, somewhere, is always vaccing down.