L’ús de twitter als congressos i conferències

M’ha semblat interessant l’article Twitter and Conferences de l’Inside Higher Education, que comença amb dues preguntes:

Can following a conference on Twitter substitute for attending the meeting?

How much information and insight from a conference can be gained on Twitter for those who stay home?

L’autor ha intentat contestar fent un seguiment de la trobada EDUCAUSE 2018, tot mirant el hashtag #edu18 a twitter.

L’article té moltes frases curtes amb idees ben interessants, algunes:

  • Twitter, as it turns out, is an excellent platform for the discovery and strengthening of peer networks. In the context of an academic or professional conference, tweets can cement and reinforce bonds between participants.
  • What Twitter is not is a medium for critical and complex analysis.
  • Tweeting is one way that professionals present themselves.  It is a tool to build an image as much as it is to inform and share. Representations of uncertainty, gray areas, and doubts do not make for good tweets.
  • You could make a case that tweeting is a gateway drug for blogging.  But I have not seen any evidence to support that claim. Instead, I fear that tweeting sucks up the energy for writing.
  • Is it possible that Twitter is having the unintended consequence of eroding the value of professional and academic conferences to those stakeholders who cannot physically attend the meetings?
  • Is there any responsibility of academic and professional conference goers to share deeper levels of content and analysis with those not in attendance?

En definitiva: que anar a una xerrada, conferència o congrès no és pas només fer quatre fotos i tweets, sinó després cal fer-ne una reflexió crítica, proporcionant referències adequades, tant per a les persones que hi han assistit, però també útil per a qui no va poder-hi assistir.

Sé que el temps és molt limitat, però no fer una reflexió d’una conferència, taula rodona o congrès és equivalent a llençar el coneixement adquirit, a part de no compartir-lo mínimament.

Jo ho he anat intentant fer… potser a vegades millor, potser a vegades no tant bé. Però ho intento, al menys.

Foto: Photo by Sean Do on Unsplash