Pòster presentat al congrés ESOF 2018 de Toulouse #esof2018

Del 9 al 14 de Juliol de 2018 ha tingut lloc a Toulouse una nova edició del congrès bienal European Science Open Forum (ESOF). El nostre grup de màgia i ciència hi ha participat amb una comunicació en forma de pòster, juntant els esforços del company de l’Itinerari Químic @pepduran i del nostre Itinerari Màgic-Científic, que ja no està pas limitat a Girona, sinó que s’ha exportat a varis llocs, entre ells Barcelona.

En Pep diu que el pòster ha estat ben ubicat en una zona de pas, cosa que ha permès establir bons contactes amb la multitud d’assistents a ESOF 2018.

En Pep ha assistit al congrés i ha presentat el pòster, però l’hem fet conjuntament en Pep, la Sílvia Simon, en Fernando Blasco i jo mateix.

Fotos, resum i pòster:


Many cities include in their touristic portfolio a cultural, heritage or even natural walk through selected spaces and neighbourhoods. However, science-related wals are scarce. In Catalonia, mathematics-related itineraries have been reported seldomly, and a street walk to recall steet Scentists’ names is also found in the literature.

However, the possibility of blending cultural and heritage-based tours with a science activity is scarce. I this communication, we report our experience on two successfull city walks: “Walking amont the invisible” (WATI) and “science-magical itinerary” (SMI). The first one has been developed only in Girona, while the second has been organized in Girona and other surrounding cities in Catalonia, while it can be exported easily anywhere.

WATI is included in the collection of visits that local schools in Girona may choose for extracurricular activities. Both WATI and SMI are offered by the Girona Town Hall as visits offered to local citizens. Moreover, they may be organized for visitors, academic meetings and on-the-spot requests by tourist groups.

The vision of the chemistry and science among the society is often that it’s a complicated science, out from the daily life and that takes place only in industries or in laboratories. This vision avoids considering chemistry and science attractive neither interesting. These itineraries help in changing such a perception.

Our Magic&Science walk through Girona involves a selection of sightseeing spots that include an item suitable to start a magic performance. Thus, magic itself is the catalyst to attract visitors and lure them into a Science (light) activity, thus increasing Public Science Awareness and even in some cases Understanding of Science.