Clickbait i comunicació científica

He vist un divertit article satíric (o no?!) al LSE Impact Blog: 20 ways to increase your research impact – you won’t believe number 6! on l’autor esmenta la conveniència que els investigadors facin servir (amb mesura i seny) algunes de les tècniques de captar l’atenció dels navegants per Internet:

Research and clickbait have surprising similarities (see my list of 25 similarities and you won’t believe number 18) which can help improve scholarly enticement. Research comes from curiosity to solve problems, that curiosity can be employed to draw attention from the outside. Research often explores human and emotional issues and clickbait titles are designed to play on our frailties, which in turn could gain you some valuable research impact. The truth is that for many of us we can’t resist clicking on the link, knowing full well it is clickbait. If academics can harness the skills of scholarly enticement they will see greater engagement with their research, just make sure you don’t link to the paywalled version of your work.

M’agrada molt el que diu l’autor al final:

This article is purely satire and clickbait should be treated with caution, furthermore the article gives neither the views of the author, the position of the LSE Impact Blog, nor of the London School of Economics

és a dir, que no se’l creu ni ell mateix 🙂

Paga la pena de llegir-lo i reflexionar-hi!