De l’Inbox Zero a l’Inbox Infinity

He vist un interessant article a Slashdot titulat How Do You Manage Your Inbox? on es parla del Zen de l’E-Mail:

Being one of the oldest forms of electronic messaging, users have come up with all sorts of different approaches to managing emails. Some people follow the “Inbox Zero” method of filing and deleting emails religiously, while others embrace the “Inbox Infinity” method of letting email messages pile up, replying to what they can and ignoring the rest. Taylor Lorenz, a staff writer at The Atlantic, suggests users embrace the latter for 2019. Lulu Garcia-Nevarro writes via NPR:

In a recent piece in The Atlantic, tech writer Taylor Lorenz argues, in 2019, you should lose the zero and embrace the Zen. Let all those emails flooding your inbox wash over you. Respond to what you can, and ignore the rest. Key to inbox infinity — telling close contacts and family that your email replies might be slow in coming — if at all — as well as alternative ways to reach you. It’s that easy. Or maybe not, depending on how email-dependent your boss, your colleagues and your best friend, your mom and your husband are. As for me, I’ve apparently been embracing inbox infinity for years without knowing it. And let me tell you, it feels great. Don’t expect a reply anytime soon.

How do you manage your inbox? Would you say you follow one of these two principles, or do you have an in-between method that works for you?

Mirant les respostes, n’hi ha una d’especialment interessant:

My primary email address and mailbox is maintained daily, deleting all spam and junk. At the end of every month, all large attachments are saved (if valuable) and otherwise deleted. Then the mailbox for that month is archived and a new mailbox for the new month starts with zero. Archived mailboxes are accessible via the IMAP server.

Each month amounts to about 30MB of archived emails. I have emails dating back to the early 1980’s. All searchable with grep or imap.

All incoming emails to this primary email address are also copied to another mailbox. This other mailbox is the one that my cell phone accesses. This mailbox is aged out at about 10 days (i.e. nothing is older than 10 days). So the cell phone doesn’t have to keep infinity emails and its set to delete emails after about 7-10 days also.

I have multiple other email addresses, on gmail, hotmail/outlook, and yahoo. I used to try to maintain these also, but now I just let them do the infinite thing… Only one of these addresses keeps really important stuff. Most are use for non-critical Internet nonsense and handles for various Internet accounts.

No és ben bé el que faig jo, però s’hi assembla molt. Jo sóc d’Inbox infinit. Fent servir gmail i etiquetant els missatges amb diversos colors. Per això m’interessa el correu electrònic: per gestionar les meves tasques. Molt eficient, no hi ha res millor, per a mí.

Sempre hi ha algun problema, però el fet que els missatges siguin cercables, arxivables, etc… ho fa molt valuós. és com un blog privat.

Photo by Angely Acevedo on Unsplash