A la Bienal RSEQ de Saragossa, comunicació sobre gènere i comunicació de la química

Avui la Sílvia Simon ha presentat a Saragossa, a la reunió Bienal de la RSEQ, una comunicació dins del simposi de didàctica, història i divulgació de la química: Communicating Chemistry with a Gender Perspective, que pretèn abordar el tema de gènere en l’àmbit de la química.

El resum de la comunicació és aquest:

Technology and Science are advancing fast in this first quarter of the 21th century. Recently, for instance generative AI programs like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm because they are able to mimic – and even improve human-like behaviour especially to write text or to write computer code.

Moreover, open knowledge is maturing and open data is more widespread. People, places or substances can nowadays be found and analyzed fairly easily in open databases. Finally, open encyclopaedias like Wikipedia provide a sound foundation for knowlege. 

Indeed AI-related programs rely on existing information, in particular that contained in open datasets and information repositories. Unfortunately, these collections are gender-biased in a way similar to the bias in the real world. They may also be biased towards a particular discipline or to fancy aspects of modern life.

Our communication will provide an overview of our #WikiSciW project (Women, Science and Wikimedia), which tries to correct for the gender bias in scientists in the Wikimedia ecosystem. Furthermore, we will pinpoint some facts that suggest that scientists – and chemists are not treated equal to other communities and researchers.

Our WikiSciw project aims to introduce gender perspective in teaching, research, and science communication, especially in open knowledge areas. For instance, we have assessed the percentage of female eponyms in schools or public spaces (ca. 15%). Likewise, we have detected missing female Wikipedia pages even though those scientists are noteworthy. Similar behaviour is found in the Wikidata database.

Our presentation will show the key ideas of our project and how we use them to sensibilize on this subject, while incorporating them in teaching, research and chemistry communication (both by female and male researchers). We will comment also on a couple of slides we have designed, that IQCCUdG researchers are asked to include in the research presentations. 

Our presentation will also include a practical, attractive part: the geographical distribution in Wikipedia and Wikidata of female and male chemists, using the Wikimedia environment. Finally, we will provide a map with school and public space eponyms featuring chemists (including a comparison with other science and nonscience fields) with the purpose of assessing the visibility of our Chemical community.

Last but not least, we will analyze the visibility of male and female plenary speakers in this meeting by paying attention to their Wikipedia pages and Wikidata items.

Aquí hi ha la presentació que ha fet servir la Sílvia: 2023-rseq-SilviaSimonR

Per primer cop s’ha presentat el protocol que estem treballant per visibilitzar el personal investigador de les universitats i centres de recerca, i que volem provar en diferents entorns investigadors.

Per un altre cantó, s’ha proporcionat informació sobre les persones del congrès que tenen ponències invitades. Moltes, encara, no són ni a Wikidata i menys encara a Wikipedia.

La comunicacióh estat presentada per la Sílvia, en coautoria amb la Cristina Berga, l’Eva Cabré, la Martina Rodríguez i jo mateix. Correspon en part al TFG de la Martina Rodríguez, que ha fet la complexa feina de trobar WD i WP per a les persones amb ponència invitada.

Tot plegat forma part del nostre projecte #WikiSciw, de Wikipedia, Science & Women.