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A chemical factory amid Girona’s old city: an unexpected spot in itinerary.Posted February 28th

I'd like to share a rather unkonwn fact about my home town, Girona. Girona has its roots in Roman times, and plenty of middle-age stones, walls, houses and yards. Amid the Old City, close to Via Augusta, the former road linking Rome and Tarraco, a surprise awaits the many groups of tourists visiting every day our city: a chemical company, almost hidden from everyday activity. Founded in the 1940s, Mr. Ensesa still chromates by electrochemical procedures; he also provides gold or silver coating to all kind of delicate pieces like those in churches. His main accomplishment was to restore, in the 60s, the statue of Angel St Michael, which stays on top of Girona's Cathedral Tower. Chemistry is not at all an easy science, nor a fun science. But our research group at the University of Girona tries hard to overcome chemistry's bad press. That is why we have created a chemical itinerary in paper and also using smartphones' capabilities. There are other spots in Girona where the visitor can listen to interesting stories. But in Mr. Ensesa's electroplating company, right under an old theater roof, visitors and locals are tought what serendipity is. Our group has set up this chemical itinerary, which now joint those itineraries linked to environment, zoology and botanics, and history. We have realized that visitors love finding this small chemical industry in the very old city. Actually, many local don't even know this factory exists. Isn't it fun? You may find info on out chemical itinerary in Catalan at Info on the chemcial company is at - and indeed, don't look for this in the Michelin Guide or other tourist guides and brochures.

A catalan reading information at ReadingPosted July 27th

While the bus is taking me to the Heathrow Airport to fly back to Barcelona, I will write something in case @briankelly wishes to show it at the final session #p9 of #iwmw2011.
It was a real pleasure to attend this workshop. One may wonder why I came here? Here are thus some reasons:
  • Learn about the UK University system
  • Know what University web management means for UK
  • Better understand web management systems
  • Know about connection between content management and social media / web
  • 2.0
  • Tackle privacy issues
  • Confirm that UK is more advanced that Spain in web management, and
  • websites are more efficient and simpler.
  • Know about other experiences.
  • Learn about Open and Lined Data (monday's DevCSI)
  • Know interesting people (everybody)
  • Personal experiment: "a scientist in a a web
  • manager/administrator/officer world"
  • Some serendipity
I must say that expectations have been indeed more than fulfilled.
I enjoyed all talks, but being a 2.0 person (i.e., a scientist in a university top governance position in charge of web content management and social media), I have been impressed by Martin Hamilton's talk this morning at #p6, how it is possible to interact with the audience, how one can make use of new possibilities (I would like to comment on the other sessions I attended, but the bus is approaching Heathrow and I cannot afford 3D costs) On monday I also learnt a lot from the Open & Linked Data DevCSI meeting. The UK is ahead of Spain, even though UK's example is being followed by Spanish governments and citizenship, with universities pushing for this. Good food, tasty beer, nice dinner, great people. I think that the best I can say is that I leart a lot from UK web management people. I take home: I should improve my listening English English comprehension! Miquel Duran