Attending remotely the workshop on Metrics and Social Web Services: Quantitative Evidence for their Use and Impact

Yesterday I attended remotely the (free for remote viewers) workshop entitled Metrics and Social Web Services: Quantitative Evidence for their Use and Impact organized by Brian kelly (2briankelly) and held at the Open University:

This one day workshop will explore ways in which metrics related to the use of Social Web services can be used in order to provide evidence of how the services are being used; allow comparisons to be made with one’s peers and enable trends in usage to be identified.

The workshop will cover both individual and institutional use of Social Web services to support a variety of professional activities in higher educational institutions ranging from use of Social Web services by researchers and institutional use to support marketing activities.


With @mferres and for a short time @silviarimonr, we have watched live almost all sessions thorugh the streaming service. The video was OK and the sound was great, so we had no difficulties understanding the talks, even though the English accents is somewhat more difficult for us to follow than an American accent.

Unfortunately the slides projected at locally at the workshop were difficult to follow, especially during the first part of the meeting. This notwithstanding, most of them were already available at the workshop website.

This was a very interesting meeting that I wish I could have attended personally. Following remotey (froms one’s office) means distractions, interruptions and nuisance for other people in the room. However, as inearlier experiences of this kind, I found the ourcome of the remote viewing quite positive.

Actually, the topic of this workshop is very timely – how to actually measure impact, how to establish metrics. Information provided by lecturers was highly interesting and captivating, while allowing us to look for a deeper insight in the subject. As usual, British universities are ahead of us; however, we must benefit from this and learn from them.

We did not only follow remotely, but did ask questions – and were answered. It is really funny that sometimes Brian mentioned that people from the Universtiy of Girona were watching and tweeting. Despite the advances in communications, it is still a wonder that we can communicate so fast, in real time.

I am very thankful to Brian Kelly for bringing attention to me about this meeting. What we learnt will be quite useful both for our duties as Social Media Strategists at the University of Girona, and also at the Reserach Group level.

During the day I twitted by means of my English-only, global account @quelet, always using the event hashtat, #ukolneim. I am not commenting the sessions followed remotely, because it is easier to have a look at my tweets during the day.
#ukolneim I have been unable to attend remotely the last part of the meeting due to wifi issues at the #univgirona #parcudg
Question: I wonder wether the importance of the social layer is actually increasing? I guess it is. #ukolneim
Thnaks for this enlightening talk, @psychemedia #ukolneim Very clear
I like that concept: “Hashtag Community” #ukolneim
Really interesting details about accessing statistics #ukolneim
Question: I wonder wether the importance of the social layer is actually increasing? I guess it is. #ukolneim
This is interesting in itself for researcher’s outreach. Thanks! #ukolneim
Thanks for g+ answer – I just got it on saturday – but will it be in favour of higher education? #ukolneim
Recommendation: Workshop on analytics and metrics for higher education #ukolneim
Thanks Brian ! I had a question… what about googleplus and youtube? #ukolneim
Amazing: watching a youtube video through streaming service ! #ukolneim
Recommendation services / Follow this … try this / Reputation/Credibility services / Follow me … trust me // Follow #ukolneim
Good pooint: change in website to increase retention rate to study registration. Should be one of key purposes of home webpage #ukolneim
Extremely interesting data: conversion rate to OU domain (declining). This is something we are working on at #univgirona #ukolneim
Question: Is GooglePlus going to enhace Youtube even further vs. ITunesU? #ukolneim
Nice to compare Open University with Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, #ukolneim
Following remotely #ukolneim from home now
Intrinsic distractions: those owing to attendee; extrinsic distractions: those due to environment #ukolneim @jordir @suchprettyeyes
I think @suchprettyeyes that there are not only tempations, but also obligations – advantage of actually attending: concentration #ukolneim
Followed #ukolneim remotely this morning. Unfortunately interruptions are much more likely to occur if one works at office like me today
I am used to science matricxs, e.g. impact factor, h-index, etc. Are there things like thses? #ukolneim.
Viewing a meeting remotely means that there are some interruptions… #ukolneim.
I have had to skip a few minutes from #ukolneim.
We have similar problem: many dashboards for faculties, depts, institutes… #ukolneim.
Remote problem: we do not see the local screen #ukolneim.
Agree, Technology has controlled too much what we deliver – happen still today
Don’t worry, we listen to you! #ukolneim.
Question: I wonder how to measure twitter reach if several institutional accounts (language, field, …) are used #ukolneim.
All information being provided by @briankelly can be found in his blog #ukolneim. e.g. fbk and tw univ numbers
Remote advice: it is really nice that @briankelly looks at the camera! This brings about closeness to remote audience #ukolneim. ;..)
Languagge should not be a barrier to cluster blogs. Englihs is ok for us too. #ukolneim.
Indeed SlideShare (or YouTube) viewers are a way to measure reach! #ukolneim. @briankelly
amplification, augmentation, … all kind of nouns related to audience reach #ukolneim.
Indeed knowing your audience is already an indicator of employability – perhaps too soon but future will tell #ukolneim.
It is not about the score, but looking at one’s peers #ukolneim. Indeed! Very good point.
Our UdG twitter account @univgirona is now klout 54, which is not bad at all- 2200 followers… #ukolneim.
Be slightly skeptical,about impact metrics, says @briankelly at #ukolneim. Good point.
Good answer! Thanks! Those who are most engaged should take decisions or should recommend decisions. #ukolneim.
#ukolneim. Question: who do you think should take decisions? Staff? Government /chancellors? Which organitzation would you suggest ?
Problem with revmote audience: we do not know well which slide corresponds to the point the talk is about at every moment. #ukolneim.
Indeed the cost is not just in terms of money, but also in energies required to set SM up. #ukolneim.
Thanks, @briankelly #ukolneim. for your nice presentation and mentioning us.
Watching @briankelly live #ukolneim #ukolneim.
Hi Brian !!! #ukolneim. From chemists and 2.,0 People in Girona!!
#ukolneim. Hi Brian!! I got video and sound!! Thanks!
I got sound for a few seconds. No image yet but the ad is visible) #ukolneim.
Waiting for #ukolneim. from Girona, Spain – Livestream not yet working

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